The Three Most Important Things in Dating

One of the things that gets me upset about hanging around dating sites is the incessant drumbeat that one needs to look far and wide for a loving spouse. I take the stand today to offer the truth:

The three most important things in dating are location, location, and location.

Getting to know someone-- I mean, really getting to know someone-- is almost impossible at a distance. I can learn more about a lady in one short in-person visit than I will ever learn from a hundred e-mails, phone calls, or Internet video sessions. The conventional wisdom that people who don't seek out long distance relationships are stupid or crazy is obnoxious and offensive to logic and reason. The list of reasons for trying to meet people who live and/or work nearby is so long that I don't have time to go into it in the short space that I have allotted myself here.

Even the most compatible folks on earth will likely wind up with a stillborn relationship if they can't get to see one another. How many of us have more than two or three weeks' vacation time in a year? How many folks really have so few obligations that they can just fly out the door to some far away place at the drop of a hat, perhaps more than once? It isn't as though we can expect the first candidate to be the winner, after all.

There it is, for everyone to see. When someone wants dating advice, remember-- "location, location, and location."

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The three most important things in dating

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